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New release: Comphy version 1.0

Comphy (short for compact-physics) is a joint effort of TU Wien and imec to make detailed physical oxide defect models easily applicible.
Version 1.0 was released in November 2018 as a free open source software. Please refer to the downloads section.
Send an email to comphy@remove-this.iue.tuwien.ac.remove-this.at to be informed about updates of Comphy:


Comphy in a nutshell:

Step 1: specify physical properties

  • channel
    • doping & workfunction
    • material properties
  • gate stack
    • layer thicknesses
    • permittivities
    • band edges
    • tunnel masses
  • defects
    • density & location
    • energy level
    • material parameters
band diagram

Step 2: simulate transient signal (NBTI & PBTI)

  • input
  • simulation options
    • self-consistent charges
    • fast computation (grid)
    • variability with Monte-Carlo
    • AC (trillion of cycles computed in seconds)
  • output