Features Comphy (short for compact-physics) is a Python framework developed by TU Wien and imec for the unified simulation of BTI for 1-dimensional MOS structures and is based on the non-radiative multi-phonon (NMP) theory. Comphy V1.0 The following list gives a brief overview of the features in Comphy V1.0, while a detailed description can be found in the related publication G. Rzepa et al. "Comphy - A Compact-Physics Framework for Unified Modeling of BTI", Microelectronics Reliability, 2018:
Comphy V2.0 Comphy V2.0 was an internal version in which mainly the structure of the Python code was revised. This version was never released and is therefore not available to the public. A description of the changes compared to Comphy V1.0 is therefore omitted. Comphy V3.0 Compared to previous versions, several newly developed models and features have been added in Comphy V3.0 in order to meet the current demands for nanoscale device modeling. The following list gives a brief overview of the most relevant new features in Comphy V3.0, while a detailed description is provided in the related publication D. Waldhoer et al. "Comphy v3.0 -- A Compact-Physics Framework for Modeling Charge Trapping Related Reliability Phenomena in MOS Devices":