Getting started with Comphy Depending on how new you are to Comphy, you can try a tutorial or just dive into the publications related to Comphy. If you want to find out if Comphy is the right framework for your simulation, visit the features section. Install Comphy Comphy is a Python framework provided as a distribution package. This enables full control and advanced simulations with Comphy on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Before you can use Comphy, you’ll need to download and install the package in your preferred Python environment. Our installation guide walks you through the necessary steps to set up a Python environment with Comphy so that you can start using the framework.

Start with one of the tutorials Installed Comphy already? Perfect. Now try one of the tutorials to get familiar with the framework. A good starting point is the tutorial "Basic Usage", which explains the primary functionalities of Comphy. The tutorial consists of three parts that will teach you how to:
  • create of your own MOS device starting from a flat band diagram.
  • add interface and oxide charge traps to your device.
  • perform a simple BTI simulation.

In addition we also provide tutorials for the more specialized modules of Comphy: